My Journey to Certification
In order to start a business like Equine Empowerment, I received training to offer these objective based, experiential training programs through Equine Connection in Strathmore. This training program is owned and operated by Kari Fulmek. This nationally recognized Equine Assisted Training program has helped me to offer this service in the Drayton Valley Area, and is creating Equine Assisted Learning Programs throughout the world. Attached below are videos of this amazing learning opportunity, clearly illustrating the skill set cultivated through this method of learning. Equine Connection is the governing body for the certification of facilitators and ensures that the researched formula for delivery is followed and facilitation hours are met.

Thank you Equine Connection, I am so excited to be apart of this global team.

~ Shannon

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What is Equine Assisted Learning Certification and What Does it Mean?

The Equine Assisted Learning Certification Course ensures the technical competence of their trained professional facilitators. Certification exams go beyond training by providing an objective measurement of a facilitator's knowledge and skills. The Equine Assisted Learning Certification Course is designed to establish standards for developing qualified facilitators.

Certification in Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) is provided Kari Fulmek of Equine Connection. Kari is a Certified Master EAL Instructor/Certified EAL Facilitator providing certification to facilitators throughout the world. 

The EAL training adhers to the rules, regulations and integrity of the governing body for the Academy of Equine Assisted Learning Certified Facilitators.

Keri Fulmek - Equine Connection

Keri Fulmek - Equine Connection

Becoming a Certified Facilitator is about inspiring and helping other human beings develop life skills! Skills are the most sought after commodity in every industry and you will be shocked at the positive results you will see in your clients. We study the horse and how they communicate with human beings. We value the well being of the horse and know that a horse can only think like a horse, and that is what makes them the ultimate teacher!

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